January 10, 2023

Paris, France Honored with the 2023 Sustainable Transport Award

Paris is receiving the 2023 Sustainable Transport Award (STA) for the city’s innovative efforts to promote inclusive and active mobility, expand cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, and reclaim urban space for public use. Watch the Award ceremony and learn how you can nominate a city for the 2024 STA. 

Paris was previously honored with the STA in 2008 and is one of only two cities — the other being Bogotá — to receive the STA twice in the program’s history.

ITDP and the Sustainable Transport Award Committee are proud to announce Paris, France as the winner of the 2023 Sustainable Transport Award (STA). This honor recognizes the City’s progress over the past year to improve its transportation and urban development models with policies that promote sustainability, accessibility, and inclusion.

Paris has been working on targeted efforts to create multi-modal and wholly integrated transport networks that improve the quality-of-life for all Parisians. The COVID-19 crisis of the previous two years has underscored the need for healthier, more active modes of mobility alongside accessible public spaces that are designed for all types of communities. The pandemic allowed the City to test policies and interventions that directly address issues of transport emissions, noise pollution, and public health, all the while creating infrastructure that is more reflective of the needs of its people — now and for years to come.

Paris' commitment to its Vélopolitain cycling network makes it a standout in this year's STA program.

Paris’ vision for a comprehensive cycling network is core to its forward-looking mobility policies. Building on the landmark Vélib bikeshare system that helped the City win the 2008 STA, Paris adopted new updates to its citywide cycling plan that capitalizes on the surge in cycling that arose during the pandemic. Plan Vélo 2021-2026 aims to turn ‘pop-up’ lanes created during the pandemic into permanent infrastructure, while also adding over 130 kilometers of protected lanes to the city’s existing Vélopolitain network. 

The first phase of the expansion is already well-received, with a reported 60% increase in people utilizing bike lanes since before the pandemic. To support this transformation, Paris has also been redesigning its streets to better accommodate pedestrians and cyclists alike — by 2026, the City plans to reclaim one out of every two on-street parking spaces for new trees, playgrounds, and bike and shared mobility facilities. Overall, the City has committed €250 million ($290 million USD) into “Plan Vélo” with the vision of building a safer, fully-cyclable city in the next few years.

Plan Vélo seeks to make Paris a fully cyclable city by 2026.

To complement these efforts on cycling, Paris has also set its sights on creating a more inclusive city by addressing issues of personal safety and gender equity. The City developed a Gender and Public Space plan with guidelines for creating safer and more accessible urban spaces that highlight the needs of women, children, people with disabilities, older populations, and beyond. Under the plan, more than 175 streets surrounding local schools are being transformed with new physical barriers, plants, and artwork to provide pedestrian-only spaces for families and youth. The City also demonstrated that these high-impact types of interventions can be low-cost by utilizing recycled materials and tactical measures that place an emphasis on sustainability.

Re-designed public spaces around schools are helping to improve safety and access for youth across Paris.

With the 2023 STA honor, Paris is being commended for its political will, resource investments, and policy commitments to reshaping streets and public spaces for the needs of people, rather than cars. Looking forward, Paris will continue to build on its progress of the past year by sharing lessons with other global cities and demonstrating that sustainable mobility is core to a cleaner, healthier, and more equitable urban future. 

This year, Paris will be also joined by two STA honorable mentions — the City of Bhubaneswar, India, and the State of Jalisco, Mexico (inclusive of the cities of Guadalajara, Zapopan, and Tlaquepaque):

Bhubaneswar is being recognized for its efforts to modernize its public transit systems with a focus on improving rider experience, advancing gender equity, and offering more integrated trip options. Improvements made to local bus (Mo Bus) and E-Rickshaw (Mo E-Ride) services aims to provide riders with safer and more connected multi-modal trips, while offering more employment opportunities for women. 

The State of Jalisco is being honored for its commitment to reducing emissions while building a more sustainable transport network that supports last-mile connectivity needs. In and around the City of Guadalajara in particular, the expansion of its BRT system with a second line (Mi Macro Periférico) is bringing improved transit service to hundreds of thousands of residents. 

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ITDP is eager to celebrate the achievements of these cities and to collaborate with them for the Sustainable Transport Award Series in 2023 — follow ITDP on Twitter and Linkedin for more upcoming events. 


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