May 25, 2018

[WEBINAR] Transformative TOD: Policies and Politics in São Paulo

Thursday, May 31, 2018
11am EST

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Transformative TOD: Policies and Politics in Sao Paulo


About the Webinar
In this second installment of ITDP’s TOD webinar series, former Secretary of Urban Development of the City of São Paulo, Fernando de Mello Franco, will share his experience navigating political processes and events to shape public policies and shift the course of development in his car-centric, traffic-snarled, and socially polarized megacity. He will discuss how the social movements catalyzed by transit fare hikes in 2013 became a political force for the development and implementation of progressive urban policies, leading to Sao Paulo’s groundbreaking revisions to its strategic master plan and land use codes that are based in inclusive TOD principles. To complement the master plan, the city also instituted an array of ambitious public transit, walking and cycling safety, parking reduction, and public space improvement programs with a focus on underprivileged areas. Altogether, these are a blueprint for bringing housing, access and urban mobility issues together to provide inclusive urban spaces for a long-divided city.


About the Presenter

Fernando de Mello FrancoFormer Secretary of Urban Development of the city of São Paulo

Fernando de Mello Franco was the former Secretary of Urban Development of Sao Paulo City in Brazil from 2013 to 2016. During his time, he was responsible for coordinating the city’s regulatory framework revision of urban policy, which set TOD strategies as one of the main axes. Fernando is an architect and urbanist, and currently the Director of the Institute of Urbanism and Studies for the Metropolis (URBEM), a Brazilian NGO focused on structuring urban projects with social impact. He is also a consultant and researcher for several local and international institutions, including ITDP, UN Habitat, World Bank, Lincoln Institute and CIPPEC. He has a PhD in Environmental Urban Structures from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.


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