October 01, 2015

Technical Assistance for Parking Management Initiative in Kyiv

The Kyiv City State Administration (KCSA) identified on-street parking mismanagement in Kyiv as a major issue for the city’s quality of life, public budget and overall transport functions. In response to KCSA’s request for assistance in parking reform, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) commissioned this assignment and appointed a team of consultants who analyzed the current parking environment and prepared this assessment paper with short-, medium- and long-term recommendations on how improve the payment infrastructure, operations and relevant legislation.

The short-term recommendations serve as action steps that the Kyiv municipality can take to improve the system within the next year to increase the prospect of finding an international investor. The seven (7) steps outlined in the paper form an action plan for improving the system now, including lobbing that can be done to pass the laws needed to enable enforcement.

USAID commissioned this report, and contracted SARECO (a Paris-based parking consultancy), in partnership with ITDP and GIDE (an international legal firm), to conduct this assessment.


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