July 30, 2014

Tianjin TOD Proposals – 天津公交导向发展规划设计方案

This report provides an analysis of current problems and design recommendations for three selected sites in Tianjin, China, on issues of land use, density, non-motorized transport (NMT) and parking standards. ITDP carried out site investigation and data collection during June 18-22, participated in a World Bank workshop during June 23-27, and improved and combined the presentation files afterward.

The design for this project aims to create:

  1. High-quality non-motorized traffic (NMT) network: multi-level pedestrian connection, and safe, convenient cycling facilities, and traffic calming.
  2. Dense NMT network: create small blocks, and enhance their permeability.
  3. Active streets: create continuous shopfront.
  4. High-quality public space filled with acitivities.
  5. Safe crossings: improve intersections.
  6. Bike parking and bike sharing.
  7. Mixed-use development: compatible and integrated with
    surrounding areas.
  8. Limited parking provision, shift mode share.


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