March 06, 2014

Janette Sadik-Khan Joins the ITDP Board

Janette Sadik-Khan (left) visits the Rea Vaya BRT in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2011, along with Johannesburg Councillor Rehana Moosajee (center left), New York City Planning Commissioner Amanda Burden (center right), and ITDP CEO Walter Hook (right).
Janette Sadik Khan left visits the Rea Vaya BRT in Johannesburg South Africa in 2011 along with Johannesburg Councillor Rehana Moosajee center left New York City Planning Commissioner Amanda Burden center right and ITDP CEO Walter Hook right


ITDP is proud to welcome Janette Sadik-Khan to the ITDP Board of Directors. Sadik-Khan, who served as New York City Transportation Commissioner from 2007 through 2013, will bring her strong vision and extensive experience to the Board, supporting ITDP’s mission to promote sustainable and equitable transportation worldwide. Through her current position at Bloomberg Associates, Sadik-Khan continues to apply her impressive credentials to help cities around the world address pressing transport issues.

“Sustainable transportation is a global mission that I’ve shared with ITDP for many years and through my work under Michael Bloomberg’s leadership,” said Sadik-Khan. “By applying the lessons and accumulated best practices from cities across the nation and around the world, we can help create safer, more livable and more efficient streets and elevate the quality of life of the people who are expecting more and more from their streets.”

ITDP and Sadik-Khan have partnered together in the past, including sharing Sadik-Khan’s experience with officials in India and South Africa. Since accepting the Sustainable Transport Award for New York City in 2009, Sadik-Khan has participated in the ceremony several times, emceeing the event in 2014, where she encouraged global leaders to pursue bold, transformative programs in their cities.

Janette Sadik-Khan (left) and Walter Hook (center) present an honorable mention to Mr. Wang Youping of Lanzhou, China at the 2014 Sustainable Transport Award.
Janette Sadik Khan left and Walter Hook center present an honorable mention to Mr Wang Youping of Lanzhou China at the 2014 Sustainable Transport Award

Walter Hook, ITDP CEO, said, “Janette has been a strong supporter of ITDP for years, and we are excited to continue working together to build better cities worldwide.”

During her tenure as Transportation Commissioner, Sadik-Khan directed the implementation of some of the nation’s most innovative, high-profile transportation and livable streets projects. She has been recognized for her work by the Rockefeller Foundation, American Institute of Architects, the National Resources Defense Council and NYU Wagner’s Rudin Center for Transportation Policy & Management, and is one of Planetizen’s Top Urban Thinkers. With accomplishments ranging from the pedestrianization Times Square, Herald Square  and the creation of more than 60 plazas citywide, the installation of more than 365 miles of bike lanes, the launch of six Select Bus Service routes, the launch of Citi Bike, North America’s largest bike share program, and dramatic traffic safety gains, Sadik-Khan’s experience reshaping cities will be an important voice on the ITDP Board.


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