November 21, 2013

ITDP Releases New Guide to Transit-Oriented Development

bicyclists, pedestrians, and cars enjoying TOD in New York City

Today, ITDP released the new TOD Standard, a new scorecard for assessing Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) projects around the world. Transit-Oriented Development implies high quality, thoughtful planning and design of land use and built form that supports, facilitates, and prioritizes the use of public transit, walking, and cycling. Among many others, fashionable real estate projects designed by leading architects for London, Beijing, and Mexico City embrace the concepts highlighted by the TOD Standard.

The Standard is an assessment, recognition and policy guidance tool uniquely focused on integrating sustainable transport and land use planning and design. The Standard provides accessible performance objectives and metrics to a non-technical audience, giving everyone from developers to interested local residents a way to understand the essential components behind a successful TOD.

“Building next to mass transit is a terrific first step,” said Walter Hook, ITDP’s Chief Executive Officer, “but genuine transit-oriented development also needs to be completely walkable, cycle-friendly, and to make car-free lifestyles not merely possible but highly attractive. Increasingly, these concepts are being embraced by development projects and districts around the globe, making for cleaner air and more livable and sustainable cities. We salute them and intend to reinforce it with our TOD Standard.”

Read the TOD Standard 

Read more about urban developments in Beijing, London, Mexico City that are setting new standards, as real estate developers increase human footprints and lower carbon footprints (Nov. 21 Press Release)


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