November 11, 2013

Meet the (Argentine) Press

Andres at FOPEA

In a field where public support is essential to a successful project, communicating the importance of sustainable transit to the public is key. Journalists play a crucial role in this process, from shining a spotlight on development issues to translating acronyms and technical terms into relatable concepts and stories. ITDP Argentina presented last week at the 8th National and International Congress, held by the Argentine Journalism Forum, opening a dialog about the core principles of sustainable urban development.    

On Thursday the 7th, ITDP Argentina Director Andres Fingeret ran a workshop providing more advanced technical knowledge of sustainable development to local journalists. The session, “New Concepts in Sustainable Transport for the Daily News”, focused on ITDP’s 8 Principles for Better Streets and Better Cities and how they apply to recent and ongoing projects in Argentina. Actively engaging journalists allowed ITDP to build enthusiasm for upcoming projects and gave journalists the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the components and value of sustainable transit. 

Andres was joined by journalist Einat Rozenwasser, the winner of ITDP Argentina’s 2012 Journalist Contest. Einat’s winning article in 2011 discussed the growing need for BRT lines in Buenos Aires, demonstrating the role journalists play in building support for transportation infrastructure. Buenos Aires has built 38.5 km of new BRT corridors over the past two years, including the July opening of the Metrobus corridor, 9 de Julio.


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