November 04, 2013

New Video: Janmarg BRT Changing Transit in Ahmedabad, India

Flying Buses

Touting the Janmarg BRT systems success, ITDP India released a video promoting the many benefits of sustainable transportation in Ahmedabad, India. Janmarg, which opened in 2009, paved the way for further sustainable transportation projects in India, and has become a model for BRT in the region. Projects such as the Indore BRT and the Rajkot BRTS, which recently reached 14,000 riders a day, were based on the Janmarg BRT. Ahmedabad was the 2010 winner of the Sustainable Transport Award, in large part due to Janmarg’s success in transforming the city’s transit landscape. The video explains how BRT cuts through the traditional problems of transportation with its accessible, efficient, and environmentally-friendly design.   



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