September 26, 2013

ITDP Team Finishes 2013 NYC-DC Climate Ride


This year ITDP became an official beneficiary of Climate Ride, a non-profit organization that organizes charitable events, like the NYC-DC Climate Ride, to raise awareness and support sustainability, active transportation, and environmental causes. As a beneficiary organization, riders who participated on ITDP’s team raised more than $22,000 for ITDP’s climate projects.

This was ITDP’s first year in Climate Ride, and we were fortunate to have nine riders designate us as their beneficiary organization in this year’s NYC-DC Climate Ride. The ride began September 21 in Brooklyn and ended in the Capitol on Wednesday the 25th. Riders attended presentations on sustainability and low carbon forms of transportation, including a climate presentation by ITDP’s Director of National Policy Colin Hughes. The riders concluded their journey on Wednesday, September 25th at a finale rally at the US Capitol where they were met by other local advocates for sustainability and US Senators and Representatives.

Team ITDP’s inaugural Climate Ride was a great success and it would not have been possible without our team sponsor CDM Smith and our Team ITDP members: Team Captain Colin Hughes, Adrienne Izzo, Elkin Bello, Jacob Mason, Juan Manuel Prado, Maria Franco Chuaire, Mike Izzo, Ryan Doyle, and Ryan White. To read more about Climate Ride, their events, or how to make ITDP a beneficiary for your Climate Ride click here.


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