December 07, 2012

Improvements to Cycling Integration Launched in Rio de Janeiro

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Vertical hooks for bike parking were installed at this station in Rio.
Vertical hooks for bike parking were installed at this station in Rio


As part of Rio de Janeiro’s plan to integrate cycling and walking into their transport network, the city has just launched a major expansion. Rio has seen ongoing changes in integration of non-motorized transport (NMT) to other transport systems. On December 6, Rio launched a total of 3,300 bicycle parking spaces in 3 stations. The initiative cost USD 2 million and was paid by SuperVia, Rio’s train operator, as part of their efforts to better integrate the bicycle to the train system.

The great success of the initiative is a result of ITDP Brazil’s work that started in 2007, when together with the City of Rio they conducted the first workshop in Rio de Janeiro to discuss NMT planning integrated to public transport. The workshop had the support of Interface for Cycling Expertise (I-ce), Transporte Ativo, and GTZ/SUTP. At that time, SuperVia and MetrôRio were invited to learn about best practices and identify solutions for integration in their systems.

That was the first seed in the process, and 5 years later the results are clear. Claudia Tavares, city official from Secretary of Urbanism, who attended the workshop with ITDP Brazil, was present at the launch and glad to see the results of previous efforts. The bike parking facility is free for users of the train and has security 24 hours. All users have to register and to enter in the bicycle parking they have to use their pre-paid fare smart card. The facility has toilets, water drinking fountain, and a small workshop to help with basic repairs. There are also special parking areas for women and people with disabilities.


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