June 12, 2012

ITDP Presents Eight Principles for Sustainable Mobility at Green Nation Fest in Rio de Janeiro

Bernardo Baranda, ITDP Regional Director for Latin America, presented the organization’s 8 Principles of Sustainable Urban Mobility on June 6th at the Green Nation Fest, a “festival of environmental sustainability” in Rio de Janeiro’s Quinta da Boa Vista Park.

Speaking to a crowd ranging from high school students to architects, Baranda described examples of best practices in sustainable mobility from cities in Brazil, Mexico, Australia and the United States. His examples, including compelling before and after photos, demonstrated how adherence to the 8 principles can not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the world’s cities, but also dramatically improve quality of life for city dwellers and stimulate urban economies while saving billions of dollars per year through time saved in transit and public health improvements. The final point was particularly relevant in anticipation of Rio+20, which is focused on a theme of the “green economy.”

Visitors to Green Nation Fest check out ITDP’s film selection
Visitors to Green Nation Fest check out ITDPs film selection

Along with Baranda’s presentation, ITDP participated in the Green Nation Fest’s sustainability-themed international film festival. A presentation of six films on best practices in sustainable urban mobility produced by ITDP’s partner Streetfilms, and with subtitles in Portuguese by ITDP has played continuously throughout the 8-day festival.

The Green Nation Fest, strategically scheduled just before Rio+20, aims to reach the public through sensory exhibits and activities focused on environmental sustainability. Participants can experience a vast diversity of climates found across the globe; compete with friends to see who can generate the most energy on a bicycle; go on a birdwatching hike; and watch a, among other activities, all within the confines of the park.


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