April 13, 2012

A New Roadmap for Global Sustainable Transport

A new roadmap for global sustainable transport is included as part of the 2012 State of the World report, released yesterday by Worldwatch Institute and Island Press. ITDP Global Policy Director and founder, Michael Replogle, and ITDP policy analyst, Colin Hughes, co-authored the report’s chapter on sustainable transportation. They were panelists at a Washington DC symposium releasing the book where they discussed its conclusions about transportation trends, solutions, and ways that the Rio+20 U.N. Conference on Sustainable Development might advance commitments by governments, development banks, and other stakeholders to take sustainable transport best practices to scale globally.

State of the World 2012: Moving Toward Sustainable Prosperity, showcases creative policies and fresh approaches that are advancing sustainable development in the twenty-first century. Chapters written by international experts present a comprehensive look at current trends in global economics and sustainability, a policy toolbox of clear solutions to some of our most pressing environmental and human challenges, and a path for reforming economic institutions to promote both ecological health and prosperity.


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