July 19, 2011

David Byrne brings a crowd in Chile, the third stop of the Cities, Bicycles and Mobility tour

217. Santiago_Chile_1_thumb

The third stop of the Cities, Bicycles and the Future of Mobility’ tour took place at the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center in Santiago, Chile.

After David Byrne presented his observations of cycling conditions in different cities around the world, Claudio Olivares, local cycling activist and author of popular Chilean blog Arriba la Chancha, talked about the various benefits of urban cycling and how it helps people relate each other and to their city in a more humane way than driving cars.

Lake Sagaris of the local NGO Ciudad Viva, talked about how cycling can promote equity, and give inhabitants more access to both social and economic opportunities as well as increase overall happiness and health.

To conclude, Patricio Fernandez, Director of the The Clinic a popular magazine about politics, culture and humor, addressed the political statement riding a bike makes.

“It is very interesting that NGOs are taking the lead on proposing improvements in public space and mobility of the city” David Byrne commented. “Santiago looks to me more than ready to make those improvements a reality“.


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