July 07, 2011

Cities, Bicycles and the Future of Mobility

This month ITDP joins forces with legendary artist and musician, David Byrne, on an 18-day, 9-city tour, to raise awareness about the need for sustainable transportation options for Latin American cities. In each city Byrne will take the stage with a local leader, a cycling advocate and an urban planner for a lively discussion of how to promote more efficient, sustainable, equitable and enjoyable ways of getting around cities.

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TDP in partnership with local NGOs is using this tour to kick-off a “5% for Bikes” campaign, which is asking Mayors in cities across Latin America to commit 5% of the city’s transportation budget to infrastructure, promotion and policy changes that will create a more bicycle-friendly environment and encourage more people to use bicycles as transportation.

The tour kicks off on July 10th in Paraty, Brazil at the FLIP literary festival, and from there rolls on to São Paulo, Brazil; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Santiago, Chile; Lima, Peru; Quito, Ecuador; Bogotá, Colombia; Guadalajara, Mexico and ends in Mexico City on July 28th.

For more information on the campaign and the tour (in Spanish) view the document here.

Reporters interested in more information about the tour or the 5% for Bikes Campaign please contact (Mexico) Rocío Núñez al (55) 36 26 29 63 ext. 1002 o en el correo electrónico rnunez@itdp.org or (New York) Dani Simons +1 646 380 2348 or via e-mail dsimons@itdp.org.


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