July 21, 2010

Guangzhou BRT and ITDP in the New York Times

The recently opened Guangzhou bus rapid transit (BRT) system was featured in the New York Times, with comment from Karl Fjellstrom, Vice Director who runs the ITDP China headquarters based in Guangzhou, China.

Reporter Saquib Rahim asks, “As the world hurtles toward 2 billion cars, an increasingly important issue for the climate will be this: How will China’s citizens get to work?”

Noting that “China has also become the world’s fastest-growing market for high-speed city buses,” Rahim also says that, “the simplicity of building BRT means a system can be up and running in less than five years, compared to train systems that can take a decade or more.”

Read the full article on the Guangzhou BRT here.


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