January 22, 2010

Metro and Public Bicycle Wins Rio de Janerio’s Commuter Challenge

By Jonas Hagen, ITDP

Brazilian NGO Transporte Ativo organized a commuter challenge on September 10, 2009, to determine the fastest travel modes for city residents in Rio de Janeiro. This year, a combination of riding the metro and public bicycle allowed commuters to arrive most quickly to their final destination, with the combination of metro and public bicycle coming in one minute before the combination of metro and folding bicycle. Surprisingly, the pedestrian traveling only by foot arrived just three minutes after the bus rider, who commented, “we need less cars and more exclusive bus corridors in Rio.”

Total minutes for all modes for distance of about 15 km
Metro and public bicycle: 49
Metro and folding bicycle: 50
Motorcycle: 55
Bicycle 1 (street): 58
Metro and Skateboard: 59
Car: 64
Metro and metro’s bus: 69
Bicycle (dedicated cycle way): 70
Metro and normal bus: 75
Taxi: 79
Bus: 124
Pedestrian: 127

This event was organized by the Brazilian NGO Transporte Ativo, with support from ITDP and I-ce. Download the full report here.


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