September 01, 2009

Jakarta Mall Managers Promise to Provide Bicycle Parking

From Kompas Newspaper, Jakarta, Indonesia, August 26, 2009—

Managers of shopping malls in Jakarta and surrounding areas promised to provide bicycle parking. “I agree with the community of cyclists that the managers of buildings in Jakarta and surrounding areas need to provide bicycle parking. We promised to provide it and it was not difficult, “said Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Shopping Center Manager Stephen Ridwan told Kompas, Tuesday (25 / 8).

However, Stephen hopes to meet, sit together, and discuss with cyclists in Greater Jakarta community. “Because, security is an issue for us. How can security personnel identify this bike really belong A or B? A bike does not have a license plate number? Security issues are our concern because it is our responsibility, “he said.

According to Stephen, the equipment is now easily stripped from a bike. “This is what makes us be cautious about bike parking,” he said.

Stephen reaffirmed the commitment of the shopping center managers to provide bicycle parking. “The space is not as wide. Parking costs are not as expensive as for cars and motorcycles, “he said.

Meanwhile, Director of Communications for Hotel Borobudur Jakarta Fika Kansil, said since the last two years has been providing bicycle parking.

Governor Fauzi Bowo requested building management to provide bicycle parking. Fauzi asked the Jakarta parliament to prepare special rules about for this parking.

Jakarta Secretary Muhayat states they are preparing bicycle parking as a feeder to the busway, including the stations at Kalideres, IRTI Monument Square, Kampung Rambutan, and Ragunan.

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