June 23, 2009

Second Ever “Bike Week” in Bogotá Results in Manifesto

The Chamber of Commerce in Bogotá, in partnership with the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP), hosted the second ever “Bike Week” in the city on June 8-13, 2009, drawing a record number of participants.

Transportation experts from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, the Netherlands, and the United States gave presentations at the event, generating a discussion on different options for a public bicycle system and its integration with mass transportation systems. The “Bike Week” program – geared to public officials, bike enthusiasts and the general public – included presentations and training courses held by experts as well as workshops and organized bike rides.

In addition to ITDP working closely with the Chamber of Commerce on the program and event planning for the event, several people from ITDP made presentations such as Jonas Hagen (ITDP Deputy Country Director for Brazil), as well as Mónica Alvarado and Mariana Monge (from the Transport Department in Rosario, Argentina). Training courses were led by Patricia Calderón (ITDP NMT Technical Expert for Latin America) and Andrés Jara-Moreno(ITDP International Delegations Coordinator).

On Friday afternoon, a round table organized and facilitated by ITDP with local and international stakeholders resulted in a Bike Manifesto. The Manifesto includes advice and suggestions for bike track designs, infrastructure, mobility and road safety requirements for the implementation of a public bicycle system in Bogotá.


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