April 22, 2009

Activist Says Jakarta’s Current Vehicle Growth Leads to Transportation Failure

If the vehicle growth rate in Jakarta continues to hover around tens of percent annually without any breakthrough in transportation and traffic management, the city will be paralyzed by total gridlock by 2014, a nongovernmental organization said Wednesday.

“Total traffic failure is an unbearable risk caused by the city’s failure in transportation and traffic management,” the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy said in a statement sent to The Jakarta Post.

“Traffic jams have degraded the environment and people’s health due to excessive vehicle emissions. They also halt residents’ mobility that, in turn, cause economic losses,” it said.

In observance of Earth Day today, the group is scheduled to organize a public discussion themed “Save Jakarta from Transportation Failure” this afternoon by presenting experts on transportation and city planning, and a representative of Jakarta administration.

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Activist Says Jakarta Current Vehicle Growth Leads to Transportation Failure


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