January 13, 2009

Beijing Wins the American Transportation Research Council Sustainable Transportation Honorary Award

Washington, January 13 – Chinese Beijing, because in 2008 in the improvement mass transit, facilitates the result which the resident journey and the reduction air pollution aspect obtains, evening attains the American Transportation Research Council on 13th in 2009 the sustainable transportation honorary award.

This award item the appraisal committee voting which by the Non-governmental organizations transportation and the development policy association, the United Nations area development center and so on 9 organizations is composed jointly selects.

According to the appraisal committee introduced that in 2008, Beijing has made the huge endeavor in the improvement air quality aspect, for instance implements according to the automobile tail number limits the good policy, in addition also carries out Europe?The exhaust emission standard, clears the subway and the fast public transportation system newly and so on.

China in US Embassy minister-counsellor Zhang Ping when receives an award on behalf of Beijing Municipal government said that Beijing through the unremitting efforts has realized “new Beijing, new Olympic Games” in 2008 the goal, and caused from the world’s the athlete and the tourist enjoys the convenient transportation, the fresh air and the exquisite environment. He represents Beijing to thank appraisal committee’s approval.

In the evening and Beijing wins an award together the city also has Turkey’s Istanbul, Mexico capital Mexico City, the Italian Milan. The American New York has the honor to receive in 2009 the sustainable transportation prize.

The American Transportation Research Council is one of American nation Board of study’s subordinate bodies, it starts from 2005 to issue the sustainable transportation honorary award, this year is the fifth promulgation.


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