May 01, 2008

BRT corridor: The great Delhi divide

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It’s one of the most controversial infrastructure projects in the country but for all those who said that the Delhi Bus Corridor system was an out and out failure, here is a reality check.

A poll conducted by NDTV shows that there is a sharp divide in opinion on the success of the project between those who use buses on the corridor and those who drive cars on the same stretch.

Perhaps the big message here is that public transport must be considered a practical option for everyone, including people who cannot think about life beyond their luxury cars.

There have been many days of chaos, some days better than others but the debate has divided the city down the middle.

In an exclusive opinion poll, NDTV has asked car and bus drivers as also bus passengers whether this will work?

Car vs. bus drivers

  • 65 per cent of car drivers feel the Bus Rapid Transit System(BRT) has made traffic congestion worse in the areas where the BRT runs.
  • A whopping 75 per cent of bus drivers say the BRT is a huge improvement for buses.
  • More than 50 per cent of car drivers say that the new bus stops in the middle of the road do not make driving more difficult.
  • Bus drivers say it’s easier to pick up passengers from the new bus stops and 72 per cent of them say the middle-of-the-road stops are working better than the earlier system.
  • Most car drivers, 76 per cent, however, say that they are worried about hitting pedestrians crossing the road.
  • 61 per cent of car drivers say driving is easier now that buses have their own lane bus drivers.
  • 82 per cent of them say the new bus lanes for them make driving easier.

Bus passengers

  • 88 per cent of bus commuters feel the new BRT and its buses are an improvement on Delhi’s public transport system
  • 71 per cent believe it will help in reducing travel time – most bus users say their commute time has already been slashed by 50 per cent after the BRT was introduced.
  • 60 per cent of bus commuters say there are enough Marshals and traffic policemen to help guide them to their buses.


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