January 23, 2007

Guayaquil, Ecuador Receives 2007 Sustainable Transport Award

In 2006, Mayor Nebot opened the first 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) of the Metrovia bus rapid transit (BRT) system (see photo below), which provides cleaner, higher quality service that reduces trip times in key travel corridors.  At its current rate of growth, the BRT system is expected to expand to 45 kilometers (28 miles) and serve almost 500,000 daily passengers by 2008.

Also under Mr. Nebot’s leadership, previously deteriorated public spaces, including Guayaquil’s waterfront and Santa Ana district, were refurbished to encourage pedestrian use and form an important part of the city’s resurgence. In addition, the city celebrated its first Car-Free Sunday in September 2006, closing streets to traffic and allowing thousands of residents to enjoy the city by walking and riding bicycles.

Each year, the Sustainable Transport Award is given to a city that provides an international example for enhancing the livability of its community by reducing transport emissions and accidents, increasing access for bicyclists and pedestrians, or improving the mobility of the poor.  At the January 22 ceremony, Mexico City; Pereira, Colombia; Quito, Ecuador; Jakarta, Indonesia; Beijing and Hangzhou, China also received honors for recent achievements.

The award selection and ceremony were organized by ITDP, Environmental Defense, the TRB Committee on Transportation in Developing Countries, the regional Clean Air Initiatives for Asia, Latin America, and Africa; GTZ and the United Nations Centre for Regional Development.

For more information about the Sustainable Transport Award, contact Aimée Gauthier at agauthier@itdp.org.


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