August 01, 2005

Guayaquil, Ecuador BRT Begins Construction

Metrovía is expected to start operations in February 2006. 36 pre-boarding stations will be built in 400- to 500-meter intervals along this corridor during the initial phase, connecting terminals such as Río Daule that lie at each end of the city. Seven feeder routes are planned for the southern portion of the corridor, and eight to the north. According to José Navarrete, head of Guayaquil’s municipal transport department, the development of fixed, elevated Metrovía stations will eliminate the confusion that has characterized boarding and alighting with the existing bus system.

A concession will be awarded for the private operation of Metrovía in a competitive process among Guayaquil’s current transport providers. The overall administration and regulation of Metrovía will be assumed by a newly created, non-governmental “Integrated Transport System Foundation of Guayaquil” and subject to municipal law. When regular bus operation begins on the first corridor in February 2006, headways are expected to be two minutes, dropping to 30 seconds in the peak period. Two additional trunk corridors will be completed by 2007.

Jaime Nebot’s administration has transformed Guayaquil to make it more economically and socially vibrant. Along with Metrovía, other projects aim to improve the urban quality of life, such as a three-kilometer walkway along the waterfront and the recovery of key public spaces in poor neighborhoods. 


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