December 01, 2003

TransJakarta Bus Rapid Transit System Technical Review

The following report is a summary of the technical issues surrounding the implementation of the TransJakarta Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System, scheduled to open in January 2004. It was compiled by the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy, based on numerous visits by staff and technical consultants, between October 2002 and December of 2003. It was drafted for the following purposes:

  1. To consolidate the expert advice provided by ITDP technical experts to DKI Jakarta to facilitate Jakarta’s own internal decision-making process regarding a number of critical outstanding issues.
  2. To provide an independent source of information for the general public regarding the TransJakarta BRT project.
  3. To create a written record for the general public of the work done and the positions taken by ITDP under the first year of our Indonesia Liveable Cities Project grant.

This report discusses what will be completed and the problems that will be faced in early 2004 as Phase I, as well as what could be completed by 2004-2005 as Phase II. As none of the critical decisions have yet been taken for Phase II, this represents our list of recommended actions for Phase II. TransJakarta has the potential to be the first important step to providing Jakarta not only with a state -of-the-art, modern mass transportation system, but also of transforming itself into a more liveable city. We are grateful to DKI Jakarta for giving us the opportunity to provide assistance with this project.



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