June 01, 2003

Bangkok Cycling Club Raises Awareness

The goals of the Bicycles for Cities campaign is to raise awareness among Thai people on energy saving, environmental conservation, pollution prevention, health and exercise, the elements of a livable city, and most of all, the use of bicycles in every day life and as an alternative mode of transportation.

“Planners of public thoroughfares are still mostly unaware of the benefits of bicycle lanes,” said Praphat Panyachartrak, Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, while speaking at the event. “It will take time, but they could start by including them whenever new roads are built, especially in major cities like Chiang Mai, Saraburi, Pattaya and Hat Yai.”

ITDP has recently been organizing similar rides in Accra, Ghana to raise awareness about the benefits of riding bicycles.


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