May 01, 2003

First Car-Free Sunday Announced in Quito

A management committee formed to oversee the promotion of cycleways in the city hopes Quito will be able to make the Ciclopaseo a monthly event. The decision follows a recent major conference on bicycling and walking in the city.

The popularity of car-free Sundays is increasing in many cities around the world. In Bogotá, car-free Sundays attract over two million cyclists, pedestrians and roller-bladers each week to the 120 kilometers of main arteries closed to cars. The events are now also implemented in other Colombian cities, including Medellin. Ciudad Juárez, México also just started a Car Free Sunday program, which will be held every week.

The first event attracted 20,000 people. Also popular in several European cities, the trend could soon spread to Switzerland, which will hold a referendum on May 18 asking voters to approve a plan to implement four car-free Sundays each year.


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