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During this time of enormous growth in on-demand e-commerce, freight travel behavior patterns are distinct and rapidly evolving, generating unique demands for on- and even off-street space. Long term, as cities around the world adopt a “complete streets” approach, freight must be considered. By redesigning streets to allocate street and curbside space for transit and non-motorized travel, these cities are establishing how best to maintain a safe and efficient movement of goods while keeping pedestrians and cyclists safe. During this webinar, Alison Conway reviews challenges identified in a survey of cities around the U.S. and discusses international best practices to approach design, regulations, operations, and demand management for freight. Dr. Conway is a previous MOBILIZE speaker and presents on urban freight to preview agenda topics for MOBILIZE 2020.

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Alison Conway Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, City College of New York

Alison Conway is an Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at the City College of New York. She is also a member of the research team for MetroFreight, a Volvo Research and Education Foundations Center of Excellence in Urban Freight. At CCNY, Dr. Conway teaches courses is transportation planning, transportation systems engineering, urban freight and city logistics, and urban street design, and she conducts research primarily in the areas of urban freight and city logistics, freight data, and multi-modal interactions in the urban environment.  Recent projects have investigated ecommerce-related parking behavior by parcel delivery vans at residential buildings; cargo-cycle performance; emissions impacts from cargo cycle implementation in urban areas; and multi-modal conflicts between freight and non-motorized modes. Dr. Conway currently serves as Chair of the Transportation Research Board’s (TRB’s) Freight Data Committee, Chair of the ASCE Transportation and Development Institute’s (T&DI) Freight and Logistics Committee, and as a member of TRB’s Urban Freight Committee.  


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